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Neeya Naana Novel by Srikala

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‘Neeya Naana’ means You or Me. The novel was written by leading author Srikala. It is one of the most notable novels she has ever written. The culture of liking and reading romance novels started with writer Ramanichandran and is now dominant.

The Novelist

The novelist uses implicitly revolutionary writing in her novels to speak out against the atrocities against women in society, rather than simply writing for romance.

The novel tells a beautiful love story in its own style. Like the intimacy that a husband has with his wife, it also suggests that the husband should listen to his wife and act accordingly.

Neeya Naana Novel Description

Name of Book :Neyaa Nanaa
Writer                      :Srikala
Language                :Tamil
Genre                      :Fiction / Drama
Pages                      :382 Papers
Format                    :eBook / ePub / Kindle epub
Rate by Category :4.1
Book Details

You will reach the new page once you click on the download link below. At the end of the page you will find the “download link”. And that will go to our book store page. There you can read and download for free with two free monthly subscriptions.


We hope you will read the ‘Neyaa Nanaa’ to know about srikala’s writing style. If you want to share any review about book just comment below.

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