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Atharkoru Neramundu Novel by Ramanichandran

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Ramanichandran is the most popular romance novelist in Tamil. ‘Atharkoru Neramundu’ is one of the 170 novels she has written. RC has choosen a style, of the husband and wife relationship problems in the Tamil society, ego clashes, culture and tradition are narrated them within her stories.

Novel Review

I am a woman who has read over forty of your novels written for millions of Tamil women.

How the protagonists and heroines featured in your novel are so naturally in love. I too have tried many times to be a wife with such love and affection and many times I have seen failure and sometimes success. My first thanks for that.

Ramani Amma’s stories are like seeing a separate world for me. Such a joy, such a surprise, everything!

All your novels are about separate worlds. The earth in the universe is somehow like that. Each story describes each individual world. It features the characters that the world needs. – Rejina, Theni.

Atharkoru Neramundu Novel Description

Name of Book :Atharkor Neram Undu
Writer                      :Ramanichandran
Language                :Tamil
Genre                      :Fiction / Tamil Novel
Pages                      :218 Papers
Format                    :eBook / ePub / Kindle epub
File Size                  :4.5 MB
Rate by Category :3.7
Book Details
End Notes

We hope you will read the novel ‘Atharkor Neram Undu’ to know about freedom India. If you want to share any review about book just comment below.

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