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Adi Vazhai Novel by Ramanichandran

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‘Adi Vazhai’ is a Tamil novel written by Ramanichandran. RC has written more than 150 novels in Tamil, covering family, husband-wife relationship and relatives topics in entertaining style. She entered into the history of Tamil romance novels in the 1970s and writing at least three novels a year, she has many thousands of female fans.

Adi Vazhai Novel Review

I face a lot of the characters that come up in your novel in everyday life. Even my husband has spoken many times without hesitation as in your novel. The only question I think I can ask is how can you understand human beings so accurately?

I hope you have told me the answer to this in a novel for sure. Morning starts with reading your novel. The night ends with your novel characters.

In my life I have met your characters in real life in so many evolutions as husband, children, and relatives. Do I give life to your fictional characters? Or did you imagine the real characters? The question remains with me still.

Whatever it is, there will always be my prayers for you and I believe that your novels will be for women for many more generations to come. – Parvathy, Trichy.

RC Novel Descirption

Name of Book :Adivaazhai
Writer                      :Ramanichandran
Language                :Tamil
Genre                      :Fiction / Drama
Pages                      :198 Papers
Format                    :eBook / ePub / Kindle epub
File Size                  :6 MB
Rate by Category :3.8
Book Details

The novel ‘Adi Vazhai’ is based on the story of the marriage life between the heroine ‘Aparnjini’ alias ‘Abi’ and the hero ‘Tananjayan’. The plot starts with their marriage arrangements and ends with reunion.

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