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Aval Enge Piranthirikiraalo Novel by RC

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The title of this novel ‘Aval Enge Piranthirikiraalo’ means ‘Where was she born for’. It belongs to a genre of romantic literature. This novel was written by ‘Ramanichandran’, a famous Tamil female writer. The 208-page novel was published in 2011 by Arunodayam Publishers.

Author History

Ramanichandran was studied only up to 9th standard in Sivakasi, went to Tirunelveli and did her P.U.C. at the Sara Tucker Arts College. After that she dropped out from college. Ramanichandran’s mother Kamalam is the younger sister of Pa. Adiththanar, the founder of Dinanthandi, the leading newspaper in Tamil Nadu.

In interviews she says that her mother is eager to learn anything and even learned Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam easily. Ramanichandran’s mother was very talented and cannot beat her in cooking.

Mahabharata References

The Ramayana and Mahabharata references in her stories are also night time stories told to Ramanichandran by her mother as a child. She says that the mother character can be seen in her heroines and the father character in the heroes.

Aval Enge Piranthirikiraalo Description

Name of Book :Aval Engey Pirandhirikiral
Writer                      :Ramanichandran
Language                :Tamil
Genre                      :Fiction / Tamil Novel
Pages                      :165 Papers
Format                    :eBook / ePub / Kindle epub
Rating by Category :3.9
Book Details
End Notes

We hope you will read the novel ‘Aval Engey Pirandhirikiral’ to get new experience. If you want to share any review about book just comment below.

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