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Tamil Novels Free Download #2021

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Tamil Novels Free Download | Tamil Literature and Tamil Nadu history both are similar when you look into it. There is no book published yet without political and historical background in Tamil Nadu. You can see the reflection of historical moments on every books published in Tamil. Tamil literature reflects the culture and history of the people of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Novels has notable place in Literature.

Tamil Novels Characteristics

Most novels are written with a focus on people’s daily lives. It sheds light on the lives of ordinary people, social inequalities, and the pros and cons of caste-based cults. It is only possible in novels to describe the sorrows, sorrows, petty joys and nature of human minds in a beautifully fictional way.

It also distinguishes between variations of time and the nature of different lands. Most importantly, the reason why the novel has been turned into a commercial is because of the satisfaction that its interesting nature gives to the readers.

Gone are the days of buying and reading novels as a paper book. Now you can read it as an eBook on Kindle.

Novellas vs Novels

A short novel or novellas is about 100 to 200 pages long. The novel is published in 200 to 1000 pages or more and in several volumes.

Why Romance Novels are famous in Tamil Nadu?

Romance novels are called family novels. Family novels are not simply written to romanticize male-female relationships. They are very popular among readers as they talk about the problems that exist within the human relationship.

The author explains the root causes of the problems in daily life and the solution to them through storytelling without giving advice.

It was customary for women to buy and read family novels of 200 to 300 pages. Currently, people are reading on eBook through a website like Amazon. But, Tamil women give preference to novels over movies.

Tamil Novels Free Download PDF


ramanichandran tamil novels, rc novels, writer ramanichandran @pdftamil
Author Ramanichandran

Ramanichandran is a Tamil author. She famous for her romance novels known as family novels. RC has written more than 170 novellas and novels in Tamil Literature.

Uma Balakumar

uma balakumar novels, uma balakumar tamil novels, 2020 tamil novels pdf
Author Uma Balakumar

Uma is a writer. She has written many romance novels. Uma novels are based on daily life struggles between men and women.

Muthulakshmi Raghavan

muthulakshmi raghavan novels free download, tamil novels pdf
Writer Muthulakshmi Raghavan

You can download Muthulakshmi Raghavan novels from below link.


Srikala is a one of the famous romance novel writers in Tamil Nadu. She has written 50+ novels that based on family and culture.

Infaa Alocious

You can download Infaa romance novels from here.

Jayakanthan | Tamil Novels Free Download

JK was born on 1934 into a farming family. He is from Cuddalore district later shifted to Chennai. He did a remarkable artwork as a writer, journalist, film producer and literary critic. He is a versatile personality.

jk, jayakanthan novels free download, tamil novels 2020 @pdftamil
Author Jayakanthan

Jayakanthan received Sahithya Akademi in 1972 for his writing. In 2002, Indian government gave him award Gnana Beeda for the movie Unnai Pol Oruvan which is written by JK. He got Padma Bhushan in 2009. JK got his Russian award in 2011.

Sujatha Rangarajan | Tamil Novels Free Download

Sujatha Rangarajan is a pen name of Rangarajan. He was born on May 3, 1935 in Triplicane. He has written various genre of books are short story, short novel, long novel, science-fiction, poetry, essay and drama script. He has also worked as a story and dialogue writer in Tamil cinema.

sujatha novels, sujatha rangarajan novels 2020, tamil novels @pdftamil
Writer Sujatha

The utopianism he wielded in fiction brought him great fame. Sujatha has worked up to 14 years for central government of India in Delhi. Later he joined to Bharath electronics. National Science and Technology corporation gave him award for making science easy by medium of book.

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  • Everyone who is confident is a winner. Those who believed in himself will not be abandoned.
  • It’s real failure if you do not learn anything from failure. So try, fail and learn from it.
  • Get involved in the war. Let the hands get dirty. Fall down but Get up.
  • The big risk is plan to complete an task without risk.
  • Success takes more days, just days.
  • Get the little things done right. Great things will come looking for you soon.
  • Chances are it is not written as an opportunity.
  • Availability is enough to survive. Giving to others is the meaning of life.


Sandilyan is a famous historical fiction novel writer in Tamil Literature. His works are remarkable.

Indira Soundarajan

indira soundarajan tamil novels, new tamil novels, tamil novels pdf download
Writer Indira Soundarajan

Indira soundarajan is a spiritual novel writer in Tamil literature. His Hinduism ideas are famous. You can get Tamil novels free download from our site.

Tamil Novels Free Download PDF

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