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Viriyum Vanam – Tamil Book Review Essay PDF Download

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Viriyum Vanam

Shipping, which at one time was possible for tourism, was converted to airplanes due to economic power and time-saving avoidance. As the distances of places to see through air travels diminished, so did the lifespan of those travel-related memories.

Ullasa Payana Kappal

Realizing this fact, the shipping companies introduced cruises through their cruise ships. It has become one of the most popular types of tourism today. Ship travel, like air travel, does not instantly dilute memories. It does not quickly transmit us to another state of mind.

The Cruise Ship

In other words, the hyacinth froze in the mind and kept rising from time to time in waves. The vast facilities available on board, such as the splendour of the ship, make it feel like living in a country with trendy amenities (in other words, as a group, meeting with certain nationals on certain days (apart from the ship’s crew and artists), 3624 travellers from 36 countries may have made the voyage on the cruise ship). For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed name-calling, this cruise ship book is a must-have

Although the author refers to the novel as ‘Purani’, Arun, Kumiko, Lenin, Wangli, Yasian, changing directions and making friends with the characters on a cruise ship as friends, the subject of the novel is as subtle as it gets. . Otherwise the thread only gives a complete cruise.

Book Description

Name of Book :Viriyum Vanam
Writer                      :Gopi Saraboji
Language                :Tamil
Genre                      :Essay / Non-fiction
Pages                      :132 Papers
Format                    :eBook / ePub / Kindle epub
Rating by Category :3.9
Viriyum Vanam Book Details
Three countries

The author further enjoyed the voyage of the ship, which sailed for three days in three countries: Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Given that moisture does not hurt, we can feel the experience of traveling directly. Feeling alone is not enough. If you want to enjoy, you have to travel and become one. 7,25,000 for a family of three, husband, wife and child will be delivered to the ship.

Except for a few amenities including the accommodation they cost separate! You can attach the credit card with the ID card while boarding the ship.

Author Krithika

The five-day cruise that begins in Singapore is neatly arranged by the author, Krithika. Not only parents with children who know some details have infants. Parents can also take this cruise. And the procedures followed on board the ship with information that would stimulate the desire of everyone to travel, noting the facilities on board for that purpose.

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Things we need to look out for, the facilities available on board, the way the ship’s crew take care of the passengers, the magnificent halls, the entertainment features available on the ship’s fifteen platforms, and how to make full use of it ‘can be read chronologically without fuss. See with your own eyes what is said in writing. Adding colour photos to make the thread even more interesting.

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