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Anugraha Novel by Na.Parthasarathy

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The novel Anugraha is written by the great Tamil writer ‘Na. Parthasarathy’. He wrote many Tamil novels which are based on social and political related plots. The novel is speaks about women empowerment in politics.

This is one of the best classical political fiction novels. There are more short stories wrote by Parthasarathy was published in Tamil Nadu government schools syllabus. If you read the writer Parthasarathy books, then you can understand how much he trusted our Tamil society. Now reading social novels is out of trend but still you have to give it try once.  

Writer Na.Parthasarathy

He was born on 1932 in a small town called Narikkudi, Virudhunagar District. Parthasarathy was a member of the Sahitya Akademi Committee, the highest award for Indian literature. He used it to try to take Tamil works all over India. Na.Pa has worked in all literary genres such as short story, novellas, novel, essay, poem and literary criticism.

Aathmavin Ragangal, Saingala Megangal, Anicha Malar, Manipallavam, Kurinchi Malar, Ponvilangu, Nisabda Sangeedham, Samudhaya Veedhi, Rani Mangammal, Thulasi Maadam, Pandi madevi, Nithila Valli, Kobura Deepam, Vanjimaanagaram, Sathiya Vellam, Vetri Muzhakkam, Sundara Kanavugal, Moolakanal, Kapadapuram and Puthiya Paalam novel and some classic short story collections are the best work by writer Parthasarathy.

The Samudhaya Veedhi novel got a “Sahitya Akademi” award from our Indian government. The Tamil Nadu government gave an award to the “Saingala Megangal”.

Anugraha Novel Description

Name of the Book : Anugraha
Writer                      : Na.Parthasarathy
Language                : Tamil
Genre                      : Fiction / Tamil Novel
Pages                      : 351 Papers
Format                    : eBook / ePub / Kindle epub
File Size                  : 7.2 MB
Rate by Category : 3.6
Novel Description

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End Notes

We hope you will read the novel “Anugraha” to know about freedom India. If you want to share any review about book just comment below.

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