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Azhagu Mayil Aadum Novel by RC

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‘Azhagu Mayil Aadum’ is a storyline between Bharatanatyam dancer ‘Meera’, the heroine and hero Sundaresan. The novel was written by Ramanichandran in 1997 and published by Arunodayam Publishers.

Author Notes

She says her story style has not changed and that her novel speaks to a social problem she is familiar with. He said that conversations about suicide, violence and sexual harassment against women do not feature in her novels.

Interestingly, Ramani said that she could not write the prototype for the next generation and that even her daughter told her a few lines but was unable to develop it. Ramani has not yet made the effort to write as her daughter tells some stories as one-liners about a clear, contemporary generation.

In my early days mills and boon Gerald Rusgrove Mills and Charles Boon was the inspiration for the books of Mills and boon, a publication started in 1908. I stopped reading them once they became more romantic and less story writing.

Azhagu Mayil Aadum Novel Description

Name of Book :Alagu Mayiladum
Writer                      :Ramanichandran
Language                :Tamil
Genre                      :Fiction / Tamil Novel
Pages                      :175 Papers
Format                    :eBook / ePub / Kindle epub
Rate by Category :3.9
Book Details

Why are we recommend Ramanichandran? Is she is only the best from Tamil literature? No it’s not like that. We are suggesting her novels because it has a huge followers and she only used to work on single genre which is Romance. That is why we are saying that if you want to read Tamil romance novels start from her works. We recommended some of the best novels in this article. So, you can easily start to read.


The title ‘Alagu Mayiladum’ means beautiful peacock dances. The novel tells the story of Meera, who plays Bharatanatyam, and her boyfriend Sundaresan, and the love, separation and ego between them.

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