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White Slaves – Tamil History Essay Book [PDF]

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‘White Slaves’ is a Tamil history essay book written by Tirupur Jothiji. The book has 200 total numbers of pages with two parts and 16 chapters. At the end of the post you can get your download link of White Slaves.

My country is India and I am Indian

I am going to ask some questions to those of you who say my country is India and I am Indian. What do you know about India? Do you know anything about the total Indian Territory from Kashmir to Kanyakumari? Do you have a complete understanding of the languages ​​and cultures here? Have you travelled from India to East, West, South and North? Have you ever tried to understand this country through books, beyond the history of India, at least for the sake of memorization in schools? 90% of Indians can say no for sure. This is the truth. Not just now? Every generation that has lived and died here has lived and died as an Indian who did not fully understand and realize India.

History of Tamils

I have read a lot about the history of Tamils ​​in particular. This reading continues to this day as a relentless journey. Not yet complete. Here I have compiled what I felt through the books I read and what I wrote on the blog each time. I have not been to Delhi till today. I saw Chennai only after the age of twenty. I have travelled only once in many cities of India on a professional basis. The reason is that more than half of the places I have to travel within Tamil Nadu.

White Slaves Book Description

Name of Book :White Slaves
Writer                      :Tirupur Jothiji
Language                :Tamil
Genre                      :Essay / Non-fiction
Pages                      :156 Papers
Format                    :eBook / ePub / Kindle epub
Rating by Category :3.8
White slaves Details

To this day, the news given by the press is in my mind the image of India and its grandeur. Those who have no reading experience end up living their whole life in the idea of ​​India as a place to live until the end.

Kanyakumari vs Kashmir

I too am one of the proponents of ordinary, middle-class living, who, in the days when modern conveniences did not exist, had no opportunity to travel from one place to another and now suffer from the inability to get rid of everyday basic duties despite the facilities and opportunities. This is the strengths and weaknesses of this country. Anyone living in Kanyakumari knows nothing about Kashmir. Those who live in Kashmir do not understand what is being said about the life of the people of Kanyakumari. Both of them do not fully understand the north-eastern states of Tripura and Manipur.

Yet through this e-book I have seen an eagle ‘vision of India with an unimaginable grandeur, including 29 states and 7 union territories in India. At this point you have to keep something else in mind. Before India gained independence, Pakistan as a whole was ruled by the British as the present nation of Bengal. Come up with a little imagination?

Congress Government

How could the British have ruled such a large area? Tamils ​​who felt through the diverse books I read. One fact became clear when we looked at India in the same straight line as the changes that have taken place in India since the Congress government came to power in the last decade.

We were addicted to the British that day‌. Today, in the name of economic reforms, Narendra Modi has succeeded in trying to turn India into another slave state. We have always been slaves to whites.

In this e-book I have only talked about some things. History literally means “the way we came” but we never think about the way we came. We always think too much about the future.

This is my second e-book, with the intention of converting important articles I have written on the Divine Home blog for the past four and a half years since July 2009 into an e-book. The idea to create this e-book was born out of the overwhelming surprise and support of over 1400 people who downloaded the first e-book “Eelam” in two weeks.

Download Link

As you read this, keep in mind the timing of the events that have taken place. Consider the change over time as the article is written in a web log every time. My aim is to finish reading this and search for it with you in mind to find out more about the diverse historical events of India. Take note of this. Since India is a country based on agriculture, I have given pictures of it throughout this e-book. If you find this e-book important, please share it in your circle. Help many more to go and join.

I have written only to cover specific things that are simple to consider your time.

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